Dude, Where’s My Karma?

Where’s My Karma?

Is it karma? Do you think that you’re due something good? Does that stop bad things from happening?

In a nutshell, no. Clearing your karmic past can be helpful, helping other people’s karma clearing – also. Karma is something that doesn’t just belong in this lifetime, it has come along from the past. Some things are from now, somethings from before- and that’s okay.

Our mission objective is to really work towards being the best version of ourselves- now! there’s always a beautiful thing in being the real or ‘authentic’ us. Bad things can still happen, that’s not always Karma, though. We live in a dimensional of free will and that can have effects outside of karma (in terms of karma untowards you). Free will means we can go against the grain, the plan, the path.

I can’t say Karma is always a fun lesson. This is always open to interpretation, but hey, sometimes we learn and grow from bad things- and sometimes we die from bad things. A soul lesson perhaps, but not very good for the lifelong work you’re intending to do.

In short, please be mindful of the ‘woe is me’ type of thinking over karma- “I must have been really bad in a past life to be getting all this.” or where the ego is saying your needs outweigh anybody else’s. Karma is such a complex thing and means different things to different people, it is however, no reason to be an arse to someone else.

Injoy, inlight and inlove (and in good karma!)



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