Full Moon Report- June 2016

full-moon-MAY2016Whoompf! Here it is!

This month’s full moon is on the mutable axis of Gemini and Sagittarius. The polarity of the mind and the mind(?) Well, you know Gemini is the twins, right? It can be said that Gemini is in two minds- a mind-hive of ideas and industriousness, creativity and ingenuity. Well, Sagittarius is the other mind- the explorer, adventurer and philosopher. This polarity is always open to insightful moments.

Back in November, we had this from the other side. The Sun was optimistically running through Sagittarius and the Gemini Moon was there giving airy fuel to the fire. The challenge that Sagittarius and Gemini gave us then is being looked at from the other way around. Air, meet fire, how do you do?!

What else is going on?

Well, we’ve had crazy patch of retrogrades- five at one time. Now down to four and then three after the full moon when Mercury goes stationary direct on 22nd May. Mercury is still in Taurus.

Mars is still retrogradin’ in Sag for a few more days, moving back into Scorpio on the 27th- this represents a good time to reassess how we work – especially if you’ve been feeling a little stuck during this Taurus Sun-Mercury Retrograde-Mars Sag and Venus Taurus period. Scorpio is deep and the depth might give you the ‘aha’ moment, a solution to your problem. With solar Gemini giving the brain teasing energy at the same time- a time of new ideas could also pull you all over the place if you’re not careful.

Venus is in transition from Taurus into Gemini, which can be a bit contrary. By June 12th Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in Gemini.

Black Moon Lilith moves into Scorpio on the 21st/22nd so, there’s a new challenge for that (and an extra blog post coming too!)


The Gemini Sun- Sagittarius Moon energies
So, with the sun in the twin-minds of airy Gemini, Sagittarius, the Archer, gives a dose of fire and spiritual and emotional depth to the equation. Both signs are busy, mutable, flexible, energy.

Gemini is a thinker, not always in the conventional way. Sometimes Gemini uses its two minds to make sure one is permanently outside of the box. Solar Gemini represents the lower or earthly mind. Like its ruler, Mercury, Gemini is a communicator.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, ruler of expansion and philosophy and that’s the greater mind. It also governs luck. When these two meet, it can be a bit of a shock to Gemini, that open, wildly-buzzing mind gets thrown into the great spiritual fire of expansive Sag. This is where it can be a case of Mind=Blown. New philosophies or expansion start forming/coming in. Solar Gemini can be often seen switching between it’s two sides- practical and operational side and the wild- ‘f**k it!’ sides – this applies to all of us at this time… and then Sag comes in to say what about ‘this’?. The Higher mind of Sagittarius and Jupiter, that is!

This can be a time of stepping back and seeing the even bigger picture- Thanks Sagittarius!


The Challenge
The Gemini Sun is trying to be practical, with logic and order getting us results. The emotional energy of the moon is Sagittarius, asking ‘why are we here?’, ‘what should we all do now?’, what intuitively feels right for right here, right now. Intuition over logic and practicality. As with most of the challenges we face, they are one of balance- and this one is no different.

So, what truly serves you? Find it. Do it!

As part of an inter-connected universe, the togetherness of all things means that if we are following what is truly right for us, it will also be right for everyone else. It doesn’t mean those things are always liked, or wanted, but they are best in the long run.

The ego wants what serves you, solely you. Even if it tells you it is for the greatest good of all mankind. The Lower mind wants what’s best for the immediate surroundings, including close friends and family. The higher mind wants what is best for all things (i.e. not just man) and that is what serves us all.

So the challenge is to use this time to find what is truly to serve us, allowing us to serve others. The expansion of Lunar Sagittarius gives us the brightest opportunity of the year to find it. This illumination can be hard to deal with as it can let you see how you’ve been living/what you’ve been doing. Remember, that you are doing the best with what you’ve known. Now that you see things a little (or lot) differently, it brings an opportunity to expand and rework/re-invent. Don’t judge yourself, just look for the first time (perhaps) with eyes wide open. See it how it really is, outside of the matrix!

My mantra for this Full Moon is:

To see things in a different light,
I need to change my perspective
And illuminate the path with truth
Because it will be so reflective”

Enjoy the full moon. Until next time…

Injoy, inlight and inlove,




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