Christmas Full Moon!

– The 11:11 Christmas Special!

Happy Christmas, Full moon followers! Yes, we are coming to the last full moon of the year. The final one of the year gives us one final polarity Cancerian moon vs solar Capricorn. On Christmas Day. At approximately 11:11. Oh boy! Talk about a sign…


Why is this symbolic?
Well, Christmas Day represents more than the birth of Jesus, it also represents a special time in the path of our Sun. Having ‘died’ at the solstice, it is reborn and becomes stronger on or around the 25th, like a resurrection. With the time of 11:11, that is regarded by different groups as being symbolic to angelic codes, messages and awakening.

Astrologically, both are cardinal signs, earth and water meeting together. What do you get when earth and water meet? Mud! So in this ‘mud’, we shall celebrate family coming together for Christmas. Yep, we’ll muddle through… (sorry!)

Looking at the alignments, Mars is still out of sorts in Libra, whilst Venus is in deep, possessive Scorpio. Mercury is in in earthy somewhat sure-and steady Capricorn. The ascendant will be in Pisces at 11:11 AM- the most intuitive and spiritually sensitive sign of the zodiac.

The Challenge
So here’s our full moon challenge laid out:

full-moon-XMAS2015-finalTo become grounded, emotionally, physically enough, to allow emotions to flow naturally. To converse with others and to help and love without getting lost in everyone else’s drama- and still have fun, yeah?!

Or in full: This time we need to balance the emotional needs (the tidal wave of full moon in Cancer) of ourselves and others. To not get so into ourselves that we retreat into solitude or go so immersed into the  crowd that we are in full on party mode to the excess of making reckless decisions (Drinking and driving, etc.).

It can be an emotional time anyway, for Christmas brings out a lot of things in us that we don’t always like (jealousy, envy, greed, loneliness)  and we can give in to the drama of the whole thing.

Try to take a deep breath, allow people to give their tales and to help where reasonable, this is a great time for togetherness – and also try not to ‘dump’ your drama onto others.

And here is the run-down for the planets for 11:11 on Christmas Day…
(degrees shown on the right)

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. See you in 2016 🙂

Injoy, inlight and inlove

Phoenix xx



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