Full Moon in Leo 23/24 Jan ’16

Well folks, full moon time again! Oh my goodness have you found some fascinating lessons this week with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn giving some times to be deeply honest? Well we’ll now add the proud Leo Full Moon into the equation…

Straight to the chart then… Jan 24 01:45 (UK time)|  Jan 23 20:45 (EST).full-moon-Leo- Jan 2016

Leo and Aquarius- ‘I’ vs ‘We’
Now with The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo (both 3 degrees) we have a interesting polarity being brought up here. Aquarius is ruled by  Saturn and Uranus, which is governing reason, logic and liberation and transformation.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a proud self expressive, loving sign, sometimes with a brash exterior.

The Leo Moon is proud, loving and emotional and all about Leo. Leo is the self, Leo is all heart but also about the ‘I’s’ -“I love you”,”I gave you my heart”,” I did all this for you”, “I am right”,etc.  At the same time that the Sun in Aquarius is trying to be logical and reasonable and find the outward connection the ‘We’s’- “We love”, “We open our hearts”, “We did this for the better of all concerned”. “We’re both right in our own way”…

Whilst Mercury is coming to the end of it’s retrograde action, communications can still be challenging- but leading to greater understanding.

The Challenge
The challenge for this full moon is to balance the need to be right, to move past the ego and drama of situations arising- to find a balance between what is needed in the bigger picture. With the need to be right eliminated, the need to criticise and attribute blame diminishing, we can focus on moving forward.

full-moon2-Leo- Jan 2016

War Consciousness
Just a quick note on removing the need to fight, we have spent the last 100 years fully ingrained in ‘War Consciousness’, since 1914, at least. With our intentions, we can move to a more peaceful path. The Sun in Aquarius and then Pisces gives us a little help here 😉

The full moon mantra for this month is this:

“And we now come to this line drawn in sand,
That we may not altogether understand,
That with love we turn this into light,
And move away from the need to fight”

Injoy, inlight and inlove,



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