I am the Soul [Poem]

I am not this mind
I am not these thoughts circulating around
I am not this worry that is unfounded
I am not this happiness that is unbounded
I am not these thoughts, not this mind

I am not this body
I am not these daily aches and pains
I am not the love running through these veins
I am not the feeling when I touch you
I am not this body, it is true

I am not this heart
That opens and closes, love ebbs and flows
And feels sad every time a loved one goes
I am not this pounding sound that one day slows
I am not this heart of gold that you know

I am not this gender
I am not this stereotype that you will see
I am going beyond such triviality
I am not this gender that says what I can do
I am so much more and so are you

I am this soul.
I am experiencing my journey, my ride
I learn, I share with you sometimes by my side
I feel the highs and sometimes the lows
But beyond this body and mind are how it grows


(c) 2014 Phoenix Amethyst, from my blog ‘purple sky thinking’ @ thephoenixamethyst.wordpress.com 


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