Introducing Dragon-Star Healing!

Dragon Star Healing Logo

Dragon Star Healing Logo

Having been on a whirlwind ride this year as things accelerate towards 5D, the latest piece in the puzzle of my life has been to add the energy of Dragons into the healing process.

Further to Ka Ba Sum, I have had a different type of energetic ‘download’. I have always been aware of Dragon energy, being born in the Chinese year of the Dragon and always being drawn to pictures and models of Dragons. I always disliked the tale of St George, for slaying the Dragon. Nooooooo!

So, enter, Dragon-Star Healing! After getting frequent messages about a ‘Dragon Stone’, I was being lead to something I had not heard of, the Dragon-Star.

I have two symbols to use as part of the energy treatment, involving elemental Dragons. Each symbol works with one energetic side, a masculine energy and feminine energy. The session looks at bringing in balance to you. Dragon energy heals us in different ways, they use elemental energy, they seek truth, they allow you to find the answers locked within. Hollywood mostly portrays them wrongly. I am looking forward to offering a new type of healing, working with the amazing elemental magical energy of Dragons.

This year just keeps getting better and better! 🙂

Injoy, inlight and inlove

Phoe xx



  1. Hi, Nice to meet another Bristol Reiki person on here. Am loving your connection to the Dragon Energy as well. I love the Dragon energy and feel your agony at the slaying of them. Nooooo! For me, the Dragon energy is so powerful. They are my inner journey guides and when I connect to them for healing, the energy is totally crystalline, pure, strong and gorgeous. I’m also interested in sound. Have been finding information recently about how sound vibrations seem to be responsible for creating patterns and structures in nature much more than we think. Will carry on perusing your blog now… Light and Love, Sommer x

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