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In-Harmony Reiki logoFollowing completion of my Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem Mastership, I started to re-connect with Reiki with intuitive sound. I could see and feel a much stronger connection with using sound with Reiki than I had experienced before.

The name In-Harmony Reiki popped in my head (thanks to the messengers, lol) and I feel much more in-tune with Reiki and sound (pun intended, sadly). I work with layers of sound as part of Ka Ba Sum and this had origins with my original Reiki teachings, were sounds were coming to me as part of the healing process.

I decided to integrate it into my normal everyday Reiki practice. I feel drawn to offer this now as an exclusive separate treatment, with intuitive sound. I will continue to use sounds when they come up as part of my Reiki and Seichem treatments, but this is where In-Harmony Reiki will be different (from my perspective). In-Harmony treatments are dedicated to using vocal tones (layers of sound) as part of an intuitive healing process that is based and derived from the wonderful Reiki energy (and other spiritual connection).

Sound is a major and natural force in changing and clearing our energy, the aura, internal and external blockages, misqualified energy and emotion. Sound has been used by therapists, healers- pagan/druidic/orthadox religion, etc.   for thousands of years, the same work from the Shaman to the Church goer. Music, harmony and sounds are related to different parts of the body, chakras (energy centres in and around the body) and also can raise your personal vibration.

Sound is so very powerful, I am so pleased to be able to offer this as a therapy on its own.

Injoy, inlight, inlove and in-harmony,

Phoe xx


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