Astrology Report 13-19 May 2021 [Video]

Hi everyone

Here’s the video for the astro report for 13-19 May 2021, leading up to next weeks major full moon lunar eclipse.

Here’s the main transcript for the video:

This week is a big week, and it’s hard to pick a second day to hyperfocus on, so I’m going to look at certain themes throughout the week as well as talk about Jupiter in Pisces at the end and briefly touch on the Mercury retroshade period that begins this week. That’s retroshade not retrograde, we’ve got two weeks yet til our comms go weird- ha!!

Well just for today, we have many things going on. Looking at the make up of the chart, from the 12 things that I have mapped here (there are the nodes of the moon, Ceres and many others that can be counted) in the 12 here, there is a Gemini and Taurus bias here, with three in each- there’s a lot of fixed signs, 5 in total, four mutable and three cardinal signs. What matters is what is where. The inner planets are the ones driving us on the inside – you know along with the Sun and Moon, Venus and Mars are out core inner workings and then we move on to Jupiter and Saturn which gives us this outer sense, it presents us with our boundaries and expansive qualities to learn and communicate with other people. Past these boundaries you have the big steering planets, comets and asteroids Uranus, Neptune and Pluto being inter-generational influencers, Of course Chiron in the wings are Black Moon Lilith representing our shadow and Chiron is there revealing our wounds. This map gives us often an internal conflict between our inner and outer worlds and the astrological charts can reflect that at times.

Here we have Sun in Taurus with Lilith beside eachother, the moon, mercury and Venus are in the busy minded energy of geminim you know that’s sometimes caught in two minds, So we have this inner world in the mix of Taurus and Lilith, okay? These are fixed earth and mutable air, and now we have Mars (our doing things influencer, the getting our sh*t done one) in the Cardinal Water of Cancer. This isn’t an uncommon arrangement, it happens each year as these planets move around so fast compared to the outer planets, okay. This inner world is expressing, at least to me, about getting things done- I’m gonna communicate, I’m gonna listen and learn and Im gonna make shit happen. I am getting things together. But as we go our wounded ego (that is Chiron) and Lilith present that FOMO experience. They can put doubt in our mind, old faliures can stop us from doing the thing,


Those middle planets, Jupiter and Saturn are moving slower, but moving well. Jupiter moves forward in Pisces now, and we’ll go in depth at the end. Saturn in Aquarius wants to rock the boat. I think it;s easy to look at the immediate world and say well there’s not much rocking of the boat, certainly looking at the recent UK elections- no shift of power of of the elite or patriarchal influence. but if you look at the wider world you see conflict all over the globe.. Columbia, Israel and Palestine, in Myanmar, there’s many places that you can see it. Even the opening up of countries like the USA and UK – there’s lots of campaigning behind it. Or the protests against HS2 and the kill the bill protests. It is going on. It may depend on your choice of media.


SO The outer planets, or our outer world, remembering that astrology is a metaphor for each individual’s life, are causing distraction, disruption, but at the same time is showing us the light and way ahead. It’s like we’re trying to study for an exam but all the notifications form instagram or facebook, or tiktok or whatever are constantly pinging as they are prying for our attention.

Uranus is in some ways like social media, with its big antenna in it’s glyph- In Taurus it wants love and attention, it wants all the selfies and likes and all that good stuff. There are many rabbit holes to take you down. LOOK AT ME, ME, ME! It creates illusions and can get stuck in deceptions of out reality and provide easy distractions.

Neptune in Pisces is in it’s third decan (third 10º portion of the sign) so neptunal energy is about as highly evolved as it gets right now (well in seven more degrees it goes critical but you know what I mean! ) as it completes it’s zodiac cycle. Neptune in Pisces wants the big issues man, it rises above the trivial issues and puts his big fork into the higher issues. That’s going to be a conflict with Uranus.

Pluto in Capricorn I’ve touched on a few weeks ago. That’s a generational push and pull right there.

Then, aspects-wise, The Moon gets alliances today with Mercury and Saturn – so that’s emotional help with communications and boundaries, reason and logic. It then moves on through Cancer, Leo and Virgo.
Venus is knocked back and forth this week, I’ll mention that as we go along.

SO As the week progresses none of the placements really change- I mean we start next week with the Sun moving into Gemini on the 20th, but apart from the moon things only progress by a degree or two here and there.

But the week ahead has some interesting angles or aspects as time moves on.

MARS SQUARES CHIRON- This is an opportunity. Chiron and Mars collide. The injured asteroid, with wounded ego is facing Mars in the position of Cancer. As Cardinal Water it drives emotions out of us, and the wound is going to stare us in the face. Did we fall flat on our faces before with something? Is there someone or something that we are shying away from as it cut deep last time we experienced that or them? It’s going to present an opportunity to heal that experience. The trick is going to be to define what is a bad experience that Is a learning of I should not go there again, or what is a wound that helps as I can do it this time? That’s a big question here.

As this is going on, on the 17th-18th Venus sextiles Chiron and semisextiles Uranus. Venus, the lover is warm and giving and loves to receive good things back, it warms the Venusian heart. That wounded ego will be looking for love and affection to help heal it. Shadow work to accept the wounded soul is useful here. What are your wounds? Chiron’s placement in your natal chart also comes into play, see the slide form earlier on which sign holds what wound.

BUT ALSO Venus sesquisquares Pluto. That can cause turbulence as that ego can be killed in one instance by Pluto and cause all the wrong signals to be read and the green eyes of envy can turn a loving act into an act of deceit. Romance could be up and down during this week. So no matter what, remember you are loved!

THEN on the 19th Venus trines Saturn, where any boundary issues concerning the heart should come to a positive outcome. Venus and Saturn are opposing foces (read as Heart vs Head) but in this placement they will compromise for a better outcome. Lasting and positive changes can me made here, thank goodness!


MERCURY RETROSHADE period. Approx 14-15 days before mercury retrograde periods. It’s not the full Shadow period. The period afterwords (or post-retrograde shadow) is how long it takes Mercury to get back to its original pre retrograde-positioning.


JUPITER IN PISCES- so as I said about Neptune, the same is true here, it’s the final point of the journey, although not as far in as Neptune as we are entering the first degree of the first decan. For the next two months Jupiter remains in Pisces before the retrograde occurs. Pisces home planets are Jupiter and Neptune, so it has a home advantage here. Jupiter in Pisces is an artistic, spiritual and religious placement. This is a placement that offers hope and transformation. Aquarius shakes things up and Pisces tries to swim in the waters that Aquarius laid out- As a dualistic sign Pisces can either sink or swim.

There’s opportunity to learn , develop – think about the things that Aquarius’ time has offered up to us- working in unison- side by side no matter who you are or where you came from. The fight for Black Lives Matter, for Palestine, for drinking water, for recognition of gender, less hours per week working, universal basic income,

all these things are to be transmuted in Jupiter in Pisces.

For the next few years , albeit not during the retrograde period, we will have a Jupiter and Neptune as an alliance of sorts as they will both be in their evolutionary placements. The Visionary and the Mage, the expander both working towards our better union of humankind.

For the bad part, the downside of Pisces is that when it is not clear and operating well- it hates changes, tells lies and exagerates for its own reasons. The patriarchy is not going to roll over and let equality happen. We are going to have to fight for it. Juiter is expansion and higher learning- we need to learn now.

The thing is that rebellion and uprising is going to happen when Pluto turns to Aquarius. The more suffering now that continues unopposed, the worse Pluto in Aquarius is going to be. It’s a natural cycle. We put the work in now and it will get easier in the long haul. Some in power realise this and are making some concessions, which is one way of progressing.

– Next week we have the sun returning to Gemini, Saturn going retrograde, a full moon lunar eclipse and the lead up to the second Mercury retrograde of 2021. So there’ll be nothing much to report on, I’m sure…


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