Astrology report 29 Apr – 5 May 2021 (Video)

I made an astrology video with the report for this week on my youtube channel. I’ve included info on retrogrades and Pluto retrograde specifically (time stamps in the description). You can view it below:

Here’s a transcript of the main body following a run down of each aspect:

“Now to try and make sense of all this- well, things have changed a little bit in a few days (and not just the moon which changes every 2-3 days). the Sagittarius moon, is looking for emotional expansion and learning for these few days, in some ways preparing us for the days ahead. Its movement is into Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces this week. Meanwhile the Sun in Taurus is still wanting to be comfortable and settled in.

Uranus is not unhappy in Taurus- it’s where it falls. It is trying to climb it’s way out of the trap- or blow the trap up. It’s chaotic self is there with The Sun and working together still for a few more days. Though stubborn, the pair can get some things worked out. But the gang that worked against the full moon in Scorpio is breaking up. Venus and Mercury are separating whilst still in Taurus. So the assuredness begins to slide a little. As Mercury goes towards its critical degree (it moves about a degree every 12 hours) there’s a short burst to Taurus on the third of May.

I should mention that in Aries, Chiron carries the energy of the wounded ego, which is also one of pride and as the astro helper for holistic healers, we should look to centre ourselves as we go, not take any rejections too personaly here. It’s about confidence, remain confident in your abilities.

Lilith is in Taurus until 18th July, she’s conjunct with Mercury now and Venus on the 2nd May. Try to not get caught in negtivity as these two pair up.

Speaking of Mercury – The moving from Taurus to Gemini is a positive one. Mercury is busier, chattier and more outgoing in Gemini, a home placement. In Taurus it can be clunky and appear as needy. I want this, I need this…. which can be ignored, put down or left alone. In Gemini, it gets the air to breath and connect with others and others can be more open to hear it. It’s a literal change in tone and frequency.

Although it can be a bit too chatty or inquisitive, expect communications to be a bit free-er than the last month. Combined with expansive Jupiter in Aquarius and Pluto retrograde, it’s soon time to speak up and speak out.

There is so much to talk about, be it institutional racism, institutional greed, cronyism, elitism, online bullying whatever you want to focus on. It’s about timing, things coming together … and here’s where Uranus comes in. In the critical degree on the 5th May until the 13th this week the bull is explosive, ready to get out of the box and do its best Keith Flint impression. KABOOM!

Don’t get side-tracked- because there’s two sides to each aspect, the aspect’s own shadow. Those that are in power or control will also be speaking up to deflect and detract and try and get the status quo mirage to continue.”


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