Making Magic Happen With Jupiter Retrograde

Hello there Holistic Transformers!

I am writing from my new base, still in beautiful Bristol. I’ve been thanking the lucky stars and helpers for this recent move, it has brought home to me the change from the beginning of February, when things looked a bit (imminently) bleak. I was holding on to too much need to control and too much fear as to what may happen. I then got very, very ill and the weeks of being literally sick and tired helped break down the need to both control and the fear. That’s when I opened myself up to the possibilities again. That’s when the magic happened!

On reflection, it’s easy to see how we can remind other people about not holding on to fears and trying to allow things to happen, we’re not always as good as following our own guidance!

So what has this to do with Jupiter in retrograde? Well, Jupiter turned retrograde in Libra on 6th February- the day I first got ill.  Jupiter is known as the mage, the planet that helps with our philosophies and expansion, conscience, luck and hope. Retrograde periods are often seen as the illusion, the time when the planet appears to be going backwards, when it is not in reality. Sometimes, though, what we normally see as the illusion is the reality and vice versa.

Retrograde periods often give us the time to reflect, to go inward, to really look at what is going on. The different planets in retrograde show us these things in different aspects. As this reflection period grows, it can, as in my case, lead to physical symptoms as part of the purging of the body, mind and soul.  If this happens to you, know that you will get through this- and it can be much brighter on the other side.

As Jupiter is retrograde it is giving us all a chance to reflect and go inward on our faith, fortune, philosophies, luck amongst other things. Sometimes, what we perceive as bad luck or a lack of fortune is in fact, a very good luck. Over the weekend I watched the film The Titanic. My partner commented on the good fortune that the two people had in losing the card game – and their tickets on board the Titanic. They were fighting each other because they lost their tickets, but they were not the ones who met such a terrible fate on board the huge vessel. What seemed bad fortune, was in fact a stroke of luck on their part.

From now until the 9th June 2017, this is time to open yourself up to the possibilities of good fortune, to change being a good thing (it’s inevitable anyway). The good fortune and magic can happen, those that are natural manifesters may find it extremely easy to attract what they want. A word of caution here, Jupiter in Retrograde can attract all those good things, but it can also take those things away once it turns direct again. Be careful to not overplay the Midas touch and want, want, want. Those things acquired through greed and deceit, manipulation of others, etc. is most likely become unravelled down the line. Jupiter may be the mage, but magic and good fortune favour those operating in good conscience.

So how do you attract the magical qualities of Jupiter? Well, I’m not sure there is a specific formula to use. There are some definite things to avoid, though. We stop connecting to the magic when we stop believing in its ability to work, we also stop it working when we try and force not only the outcome, but the way in which we expect the outcome to turn out. So, try not to control it, allow it to happen, let it happen. Once we let go of the need to fully control the situation, we are allowing things to come together.

We can do this by meditating, exercising, yogic breathing, relaxing and not focusing on the negative. Remember, if you keep putting out the energy of “please don’t ….”, the energy you are putting out there is related to that theme. The focus is still on what you don’t want to happen. It is better to focus on what you do want to happen, without fixating on it, obsessing over the outcome. That gives Jupiter and the other helpers out here something positive to work with.

I have had my reminder of this already in the past 6-8 weeks. Jupiter is working his magic, you can allow yourself to be a part of it. Retrograde periods are great for releasing and shedding, going as far as feels right for you at any given time, making room for the new things to come in 🙂

Enjoy your new creations!

Injoy, inlight and inlove,



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