Why Holding Space is important (and what it means)

We need to hold space for ourselves when we are able to, we need to hold space for others so they can bring about their own healing, we need to hold space for the world as it adjusts to the changing (rising) vibration levels. That’s quite a sentence to write. It sounds good and all that, but what do we mean by the term ‘holding space’ and why do we need to do it?

Holding space is a term that covers a few different things, which is why it can be taken out of context or simply misunderstood.

To start off with trying to explain it, know this- people have likely been holding space for you your entire life. Your mother or father, step-parent, teachers, etc. gave you time and a safety net to develop in, to form your own thoughts and opinions and time to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and (hopefully) spiritually.

In perhaps the simplest form, it is giving the safe space, encouragement and support for self-growth and healing. This can be done in such a multitude of ways, for some it might be creating the blanket fort to create a physically reassuring environment, or just saying “ whatever you choose on this, I got your back”. Let them know it is safe to fail.

When you feel safe and protected, it is easier to drop the shields a little, slow the brain’s defences a touch, whilst you focus on connecting to your true calling. In a world full of fast-paced distractions, with one expectation after another bombarding us, we do really, really need some time to disconnect and regather ourselves. Having the space to breathe is the doorway to listening to your mind, body and soul. That inner dialogue is something that we are not always used to having.

Holding space is best done purely with love and without the ego taking over, you may know*  what is best for them, but you don’t enforce it, you support what they are doing and let them come around to their own realisation. Holding space is also where although you may be wanting someone to do something (for whatever reason), you without attempting to guide or manipulate, you help them by giving them the safe room to breathe.

In Yoga, meditation and other energy practices, holding space is both an individual task and for the person running the group or class, a outward task. For each person participating there is a task to hold their own space- breathing, centring and allowing themselves to open up themselves. For the person running the group, it is holding space for the entire group, allowing everyone to that energetic space to feel safe whilst they drop their shields a little, to relax, to breathe and connect to the universal energies that can do us so much good. They are the protectors of the space.

Although I know some would disagree, I see that the main part of a healing therapy is the holding space portion. The energy that is channelled and the atmosphere created is almost  for nothing if the space is not held. The healing comes from the person being in the safe space and feeling okay to allow their healing to occur. It just isn’t something that you can just zap them with in any old fashion.

Holding space isn’t just a spiritual term, it is used in many different ways. Holding space can be that thing that your friend or support worker does- being present with you, listening and giving the safe space, where you are not judged and acknowledging the true feelings.

If we are able to do this, we need to do a fair amount of it… now! There’s been so much vitriol sent out there, attempting to get people confused, angry and out of their own heart space. That is because it takes your power away.Powerless people are more likely to conform.

If you aren’t in that place of fear, anger or confusion as the world seemingly goes mad (by intention) – then you can help others by holding that precious space for them. In time, they may realise the words they speak are not their own. Their words of hate and division are other people’s manipulations. They may find out who they really are behind the smoke and mirrors. Like we did.

Injoy, inlight and inlove


*You think you know. You have an idea, really. 



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