What are you going to do in 2017?

2017, the world at your feet. What are you planning to do?

I know that we mostly start with a “new year, new me” mantra, so much so, that is sounds like a cliche. The changing of the calendar is a good marker point, a good time to reflect and ready for the new, so it does really go hand-in-hand, cliche or not. After a turbulent 2016 for so many of us (turbulence is not always a bad thing, unless you are in an aircraft) it is a really good time to do this. We’re shaking off the remains of the past year and starting afresh… so, 2017, here we go.

With a blank piece of paper, what do you ant to achieve this year? with 12 months to do things, ask yourself what do you to do? Then, the next part is what is the first step on getting you there?

Do you feel ready? Probably not, but that can actually be more of a blessing. It means that you are going to be moving out of your comfort zone. Change is important to stop things going stagnant and predictable. You have the opportunity to step forward into something new now. Forget anything and everything that happened before, don’t let the old excuses fill up your head to incapacitate you- that was the old story.

So once again, what do you want your story to be for 2017? It an be the same as last year (if you had a good one, maybe that suits) Here’s the pen, there’s the paper.

Now. Go write your story!




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