The 11:11 Dillema- How to honour the brave and bring in peace consciousness

How do we honour the brave men and women and bring in peace consciousness?

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The 11/11 date history

World War I officially ended on 11/11 in 1918. Since then, the annual eleven eleven date has been used to keep us grounded into the low vibrations of War. Remembering those that suffered and sacrificed their lives for the Great War to end all wars. It is not that we shouldn’t remember these things- but we should be celebrating them, celebrating that ‘freedom’ won, honouring the plight and the fight undertaken and learning the lessons of the war.You know, ‘the war to end all wars’.

Of course, WW1 didn’t become the war to end all wars, the modern Governments, developed a taste for it, with the weapons manufacturers and the financiers obtaining an obscene profit from it. The world has been at war for hundreds of years and for the last 100 years, it has been re-enforced on 11/11.

After both World Wars, countries were left with options on how to rebuild and grow their economies. Britain and the US chose that of a military-based economy and countries like Japan and Germany built theirs out of manufacturing-based economy. Germany and Japan developed cars and great technology to enable our lives, Britain and the US (along with others) made weapons of mass destruction and then sold them to friend and foe alike, profiting from the fear, death and destruction of war. It would appear they were sometimes guilty of feeding both sides in a conflict. Since WW2, the media machine is always rotating those fears of who we will go to war with next next… Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea…China…Islamic State,  they need us to be in fear of attack.

This keeps us in a place of fear, of low-vibration, fixed to the third-dimension reality. We have to be clear that as spiritual beings having a human existence, it is not in our best interests to be at war with anyone, so why do we promote it? It is only for the best interest of the rich, selfish and disconnected beings amongst us. Sure, we should defend ourselves, only most of the time we’re saying that we’re doing it when it appears we’re doing the opposite. Those that want power and are greedy and don’t care for humanity, they promote conflicts.  Remember that keeping us all in fear is a control mechanism, so war, instead of the last resort, is often the first resort, following the appearance of failed diplomacy measures.

We have to be clear that as spiritual beings having a human existence, it is not in our best interests to be at war with anyone, so why do we promote it?

How it is presented to us

Each November, the same Government that fails its former troops, by denying social security benefits, housing, adequate medical care, counselling and more, puts on ceremonies that we must partake in, to be patriotic. We are given a time to honour and respect the fallen, those that risked and mostly gave their lives so that we could live in a “free” world.

So is it wrong to honour them on 11/11, etc.?

Well, no, it’s not wrong to do that, but it’s not the best way, the most helpful to every being on the planet. Remember, actions speak louder than words. Instead of thanking those souls and then making sure we make the best world for all those who survived or came after- as I say, we are holding low vibration energy and woe betide anybody who does not play along. Don’t misunderstand this- we should be honouring the fallen, but we should not be doing it in such a way that glorifies the burdens of war so that we can partake in more war.

We should, in fact, be doing everything in our power to prevent future wars. Thank the previous generation for the lessons we’ve allegedly learned. As James Redfield states in the Celestine Prophecy series, the mission for that generation was overcome a great evil. The lesson for this generation of souls is to let go of the past and not continue it.

What we miss out on by not embracing the true 11:11 vibration

Any date that contains the 11:11 code is an important time. The number 11 is a master number that equates to new beginnings, illumination, independence, inspiration and the true potential of the soul. Manifesting magic is created from this date. The Angelic code, of peace and love is the thing that can really help us to come together.  It can help bring about the healing to our wounded souls. We miss out on this when we sit in the war consciousness vibration.

I’ve done a fair bit of work this past year on peace consciousness. From what I have picked up, this is very much integration of 5D energy within our 3D physical plane. Higher vibrational energy is stronger is so many ways than 3D energy, but the lower vibrations are easier for us to accept (as 3D physical entities).

The key is our energy, our vibration

The key to holding respect, honour and remembrance for those that gave there lives is to hold our energy vibration high. Hold that sacred silence with great joy of those souls. Remember out of love, smile and say thank you, make  a pledge to be the positive difference in the world they left behind. Don’t hold the energy of the wars yet to come, as we need to do our best to prevent them from happening. That comes from raising our consciousness and vibration.

So on 11/11 remember the fallen, love them, love those who were perhaps misguided, those trapped in fear, those who were a conscientious objector, as you also connect to the angelic realm. Open your heart to send and receive love. Once a soul has passed on to spirit, they are not holding on to that anger , that fear. So, no, they don’t hate the [insert name of enemy]. The 3D control dramas don’t work outside of here. Help let go of the fear and hate energy and help bring about change by raising your vibration. You may, in fact, find yourself honouring and remembering them even more so with love than out of fear, regret and low vibration remembrance.

Injoy, inlight and inlove,



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