Full Moon in Pisces (Eclipse) 16 Sept 2016!

Lunar Eclipse! Full Moon in Pisces | 16 Sept 2016

The next full moon is now upon us, dear readers. This is the time of the full moon challenge, where the two main protagonists in our charts (Sun and Moon) face off in opposition. Pisces, as most people agree is the end and the beginning of the zodiac (although see my article on the case for starting with Capricorn if you haven’t seen it!). The sun vs moon squaring off against each other is always a fascinating time. The emotional needs of the moon, the inner self vs the outer self, self-expression of the solar king. These two are also leading two of the most demanding signs (Cancer and Leo) so there’s always something big about to happen.

As we currently have the Sun (Vitality/Character) in earthy Virgo, Venus (Love) sitting in Libra, Mercury retrograde in Virgo and two t-squares!) it all comes together with the eclipse (emotions) in Pisces. Time to mix spirit and science, masculine and feminine, the head and the heart- time to balance it all out again.

Pisces is both the heady hippy soul who wants connection and the child who wants to play. both aspects are to do with others as well as higher energy (connection isn’t always with other people, and play can be all in your head). Virgo is earthy, hard-working, virtuous and somewhat innocence. The polarity of the two (as with any full moon) is a great eye-opener. Yes, get on with it-but make sure you balance it with fun. What’s the point of human existence, if all you ever do is work?

When the two meet like this, though, it can also be a bit of a war! A fight, a struggle for the innocence and acceptance to win out over the critical, sceptical and sometimes fanatical energies that Pisces and Virgo can bring out.

If you can do things to make you happy, or are working on it – the full moon energy is great to help you on your way. Work and play should be things that make you happy.

If you are not happy with things, check-in to get the big ol’ moon standing right up in your grill – “So what you gonna do about it? Fight or Flight?”, she says.
The answer just might be shining right into your eyes. Inspiration. You can find another way… otherwise the darker side of Pisces can come out, the manipulating, destructive side of Pisces. Be aware of your thoughts at this time as there is a chance the darkness won’t just come out- it will brood. The darker side of Pisces also exists in Virgo and the two can become bitter, twisted and critical in no time at all.

Not to shut things down and close down and shut up if anger and other things are coming out- but be mindful! Let it out and MOVE ON! Don’t sit in that energy.

This isn’t about fight or flight, but of acceptance and truth and stepping up. It is time to shine! Let go of the baggage, the old stories that you’ve been reading to yourself, the new ways are coming in…

Other Positions


So, yeah, Venus is at home in Libra, Mecury in Virgo (retrograde), Mars is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Libra , Neptune in Pisces (retrograde), Uranus is in Aries (retrograde), and Pluto is still of course, wading through Capricorn (retrograde).

So that’s four retrogrades, an eclipse, and two t-squares! Gulp!

Cardinal T-Square!

Uranus (Aries) vs Venus (Libra) vs Pluto (Capricorn) |
or Uranus sq. Pluto / Venus sq. Pluto


Like I said Venus is quite happy in Libra, all the feels, all the things! Uranus in opposition to Venus (and in Aries, Libra’s polar opposite) brings in a heady challenge to relationships, but if you get angry- there’s an answer coming up- you can, if you don’t lose your heads, resolve any issues- try something new and perhaps exciting to do. Don’t stay stagnant as that may well be part of the problem! Pluto in Capricorn comes up to take this deep. Deep clearings may come around (perhaps from an almighty row) from Pluto’s intervention, once the Goat (Capricorn) has added an earthly balance, or grounding to the deep watery depths(death) of Scorpio.

Mutable T-Square!
Sun (Virgo) vs Moon (Pisces) & Chiron (Pisces) vs Mars (Sagittarius) |
or Sun sq. Mars/ Moon sq. Mars


With the full moon, add Mars in Sagittarius! Mars is an angry planet, and this is added to the pot. This may well bring out simmering frustrations and anger to the party these few days . Chiron is also in Pisces, one degree next to the moon. The wounded healer (representing separation from source, divine connection) is here to help clear some wounds. There may be some healing that comes from this anger, when released in a healthy way!

Full Moon Challenge

The Challenge is to remain grounded after losing it, releasing anger and allowing yourself to see what this is all showing you. You can have a war, of course, but war is usually the last result, not the first option. The light needs the darkness and vice versa- so let go of any need to guilt yourself and others for the anger. Let it flow- so you can let it go- safely, respectfully!


The mantra from this full moon, this month is:

“If, at first, I lose my head

In things that do not matter most

I will come back to earth in time

To make that celebration toast”

Stay well, release that anger safely! Don’t worry if you temporarily turn into Crabby McCrabbyface or Angry McSnarlyface. It can and will pass!

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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