Uncover your lost Chakra!

For many years in spiritual/esoteric communities there is a concept where the individual energy centres, known as chakras, are discussed and worked with to re-energise the body and promote wellness. It has generally been accepted that there are seven major chakras. Beyond that, there is then a broad range of theories as to other chakras (major or minor) in and around the body and auric  body field. I’ve heard of there being nine, eleven, sixteen, etc.

Well, in the western world, It has discovered a particular attachment to a special eighth chakra. Yes, your Chocolate Chakra 😀 It was discovered by the wise and mystic Guru Will E. Wonkanota-ooompaloompah on his journeying to the Chocolate plains.

Feeding this chakra the right amount (similar to your CBL) will keep you alert and in a good state of being to continue your daily activities well.


Chocolate Chakra

The chocolate chakra is associated with the mouth. If affects your ability to function as a human being. Our daily grind, those dull repetitive tasks are made easier in a magical way when attention is paid to this chakra.  The better types of chocolate to eat are less the traditional milk chocolate bars (candy in America) and more the dark chocolate or Raw chocolate. It is a fine balance between eating enough and too much.

The Chocolate Chakra
The Chocolate Chakra

Signs of an under-active chocolate chakra are mood swings, general pissiness and hating everybody for no apparent reason.

Signs of an over-active chocolate chakra (as in you’ve eaten too much chocolate) are either headaches and feeling sick.

Associated sound(s):

  • “Yummmmmm”
  • “Om-nom-nommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”,

Associated Crystals:

  • Wonkabite
  • Mochalite
  • seventypercentisfineite
  • lindorlindtisyumumum

Chakra Treatment

To treat an underactive Chocolate chakra: Go to the shops, buy some nice chocolate and affirm out loud “I am grateful for the Om-nom-nom I am about to receive” and stick as much as you can in your gob. Swallow. Enjoy. Simples 😀

” Don’t just Om, Om- nom- nom “


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