Full Moon In Capricorn- 19/20 July 2016

Full Moon in Capricorn | Holistic Transformation

This month’s offering is in the form of Cancer meeting Capricorn. The Sun is shining bright (at least over here in the UK) in the moon’s home sign of Cancer.

The polarity between Cancer and Capricorn is interesting. Cardinal Water meets Cardinal Earth. The dynamic here often represents the internal and maternal self , challenged against the outside world and the children of the world. It is also our home life versus our working life. Career vs Care. This time around, there are some helpers to give us more depth to the situation- as if we needed any help, right? 



Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn (approx 15 degrees), is in Capricorn along with the moon and is trine Jupiter in Virgo. This is a good combination for grounded transformational thinking. Full moons are often seen as a time for birthing that project or reality that you intended at the new moon, and earth-based assistance is here to help the emotional self- Sun in Cancer. Pluto is in the eleventh house, so the polarity point is there with Cancer in V right now. Truly helping both sides of this equasion.

Also, right now Mercury and Venus are both transitioning in Leo, leading to issues of pride challenging us in our communications and love. It is ego, don’t take it to heart, Leo 😉
Mars is in Scorpio, which still gives great depth to our drive- but it can be too deep for some who can get lost in the inactivity, by being overwhelmed. Nearly into Sag, fellas.

Solar Cancer wants us to sort out our home and set our roots- to get comfortable. It honours our ancestors and family. It also represents getting comfortable with the self. That body that you inhabit is a home too- for your soul! Nesting is important, having a sanctuary is important. We need some sort of structure to work within, a base, to start our journey each day, week, month, year. That base does not have to be a house or a temple outside of us. That base, that sanctuary can be the very body we rest within. Knowing this can be a comfort when you are displaced- or travelling.

Starting to become comfortable with the physical self is very useful, show your home some love. But now in pops Capricorn- normally the reasonable, grounded one to remind us that there is a big world out there, outside of the nest. There is a real need to make sure that we do get out there and play our part in the bigger, wider picture. We will have duties to perform, to help others, which in turn will help us too.

So, as a representation of our journey, the microcosm reflects to us the macrocosm too. Cancer is the home point of our journey- the start and Capricorn is the destination, the target, the goal, the reach. Capricorn has come in to remind us that the comfort zone can be stretched, to realise a greater potential (with help this time from both Pluto and Jupiter).

It’s a great time to do a full moon meditation, connecting in with the solar Cancer and lunar Capricorn energies. Time to see a big picture that encapsulates the home life, the self- along with the helping of humanity with each thing that we do inter-connecting us with society- our Earth family.

Essentially the stars are challenging us to look at our work- home life balance. Balance it, know what is right for you. There is no magic formula that suits everybody- look into what is right for you and your home (building and body).

The Full Moon Mantra:

The mantra for this three day period is this:


“This full moon removes any doubt,
That this journey is as much inside as out,
With that in mind I create my nest,
So that I can work towards all the rest.”

Of course, if you have the home already started- both a physical location and the body- it is time to get out there! Push yourself, just a little at a time, to engage with the world. We were put on the planet to interact with others.

Until next time, namaste

Injoy, inlight and inlove,

Phoenix ❤ 🙂


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