Readings: Why they don’t always ‘resonate’

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Have you ever heard anyone saying that they had a reading, or a chart/forecast done and it was rubbish? Absolute tosh, nothing was right, waste of time and money? Have you ever read a forecast, article of spiritual awakening and thought- NOPE! what a load of rubbish!

If so, you will not be alone. There are a lot of ‘readers’ in the world, psychics, mediums, therapists and astrologers, etc. We all read what we see, hear of feel- our interpretation of what spirit/source is telling us. We have our own ‘spectrums’ of what we can interpret. We also have our own boundaries and comfort zones. Some advice takes us too far out of our comfort ones and can put us into a place of fear- so we flat out reject it.

One of the things I have found with energy forecasts that use absolutes (ie. this will happen now, you will feel this) is that they will seem correct for those people in the same spectrum and sometimes less accurate for those outside of that spectrum. We are all in our own personal energy field, that individual connection with the universal energies and properties. Some reports will state that this or that type of energy (portals, upgrades, etc.) is around on the earth right now, and that is a truth. But others may have already received it, some may experience it a few months down the line, or not at all. We might not feel the effects of these openings and astrological events a the time that they are said to have happened. Remember, a star has imploded many, many years before we see it in the night time sky.A person with a telescope may see it before you do. It is all relative.

Tarot readings are the same- the messages may appear quite clear- there may be a big message in there.If you view it one way it is a calamity, a drama – from another view it is a chance to learn and grow and develop. A reader reads what they see, hear or feel via the cards and or spirit/source. They may see it differently to you. That is why you went to them.

We accept to varying degrees that people in the ‘real world’ interpret things differently- from politics, economics, religion, sport and in the commercial sectors. So, why should there be any difference in the rest of our world? Sometimes the message will not resonate because we simply don’t like it, other times it really feels wrong. I believe that if someone is working genuinely, that they will be saying what they are meant to tell you- it is only when the readers ego gets in the way that the messages get distorted. It means that they are trying to impose their way of change on you,

Genuine truths are just that. They may not be on your spectrum, so you can’t see/feel/hear it the same. Don’t worry, thank them for their interpretation and move on. Maybe tht point of view will help you in the future.

That’s not to say everyone is being genuine- I had an experience many years ago where I was taken to see a ‘medium’ who was giving advice to members of the audience. She seemed like a nice old lady, but the system she used made it seem obviously fake- she ran through old names- not similar – “Was there a Mary, John, Alfred, Betty, Mavis, in your life?” (I kid you not). Just running off names you will have a parent/grandparent called and then saying that they loved you very much and believed in you. Nice, just not feeling very genuine. I guess she may have been.

I’ve since had other experiences from readers- mediums and tarot readers, etc. Amazing interpretations – with things that gave clear advice- then it was up to me to accept and interpret and act on (or not).

TL;DR: I guess what I’m saying is people can still give you a genuine reading that could be helpful, but it may not feel right to you at that time. It doesn’t stop the reading/forecast being a truthful/genuine one 😀

Injoy, inlight and inlove

Phoenix 🙂 ❤



  1. I was in a state of turmoil regarding a situation. I want for a reading with a man. Cried lots during reading. I felt what he was saying regarding a specific situation didn’t resonate because he put his own spin on things and gave a distorted view of the person I was thinking about. It felt negative, not helpful. I came home distraught! He picked up on my mothers illness , which was correct and then meandered off about what was knees, which I already had planned. HE then made a specific statement which wasvquite shocking to me as no way did it resonate, he then corrected what he said which made more sense! Once I returned home I felt comforted in my surroundings. I felt alone and overwhelmed! I was desperate! I couldn’t settle. I decided to TV a very short tArot reading with a dear lady. What she said resonated as it confirmed what I always felt to be true and other messages in the past were consistently the same! I don’t affiliate with male readers, they never seem to get to the core, they just don’t get it!

    Namaste xxx

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