The Power of Our Words


There are times when we do need to raise our voices, but most of the time we need to raise our words.

Changing Times
When we need to be heard, we often feel the need to raise our voice, our passion and our intensity. Sometimes we forget to raise our words, our vibration. We speak out of panic, desperation, anger and fear- from the negative. As consciousness raises higher than vibration (often first) there is a level of ‘awakening’ – which really means raised consciousness/vibration. A new reality is now staring you in the face. This reality can bring up all those emotions, so we give an emotional response- “It’s not fair, F*** you!” Without having  a plan on how to deal with it, we often lower our vibration with angry, resentful speech. It’s not a criticism, it’s out natural response- I know I still am prone to it.

So many times words are used to gain power over others by playing on their insecurities- no matter what medium you are on. Just because others are doing it, I don’t think we have to. We don’t have to fall into the traps of matching the vibrational response others are inviting.

‘Just for today’, the mantra of staying in the present- I’m trying to raise my words and not my voice. To speak up in a different way and very much out of a place of truth and love.  To focus on what I do well instead of what I do not so well. To look at what I have, instead of what I have not.  And I am making room for what I would like but have not got, I am very open to receiving new things, attracting through the laws of abundance, vibration, etc.

Enforcing Boundaries
We can still look after ourselves and act as part of a greater thing at the same time, your greatest potential ally may be the person you are putting down.We can focus on using our boundaries not as a military style fort, but as a more subtle expansion of claiming your space and respecting others.

I believe in a time of prosperity and abundance for all of us, of love and friendship, of truth for all. So,  that’s what I’m working with and sharing, just for today.

So, my own mantra for the week ahead is this:

“I will speak my truth, coming from of a place of love
And I will listen for the signs sent from above
I am only responsible for the things I say and I do
And how you perceive this is up to you”

InJoy, Inlight and Inlove



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