The ‘Meant to be’ Trap

Sometimes you need to go with the intuitive flow, even when you appear to be swimming against the tide..

At times we can get a little carried away with this all ‘meant to be’ and ‘not meant to be’ malarkey. We often say (or preach a little) “when at one with the universe, everything flows effortlessly together” and of course, that can be true. However, without realising, we can get a little over-dependent on the ease of doing things as a marker to it being the right thing to do. We can fall into a trap of only doing things that are easy, we can end up saying to ourselves ‘It’s a bit difficult/hard, I don’t like that, it’s not flowing.. so ah well,forget it… you know, it’s not meant to be’! Our minds can be very persuasive.;-)

In doing so we can be avoiding doing things that will give us the most growth. Accepting our shadow side is such a rewarding things to do, even though it is a tough thing to begin to work through.

In this case, we may be finding difficulty because of our own fears and thought processes are trying to self-sabotage our work. We can be just as afraid of success as we are of failure. If it’s dependent on someone else, know that it may be their ‘stuff’ too/instead. If we just decide to give up in cases where we feel we ARE on the right path, but it is proving a little difficult, we may be giving in to the little trickster of fear. Sometimes we have to climb the mountain to get to the top, it might be hard, we might need help, but to achieve the goal we have to start climbing and go a bit on personal faith and trust.

Listen to your intuition, your guides, your gut feelings. If it’s the right thing to do, you will feel it in some way. You will also get help when you need, sometimes from the unlikeliest of sources.

We don’t need to martyr ourselves, but sometimes we need to get our hands mucky or out of our comfort zones to progress.

“If in doubt- follow your nose”– Gandalf, in Lord of the Rings

Listening to your true inner wisdom can unlock a world of potential, some if it will come easy, some of it, you just may have to work hard at…

Phoenix x x


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