Full Moon In Gemini


So here we go again, it’s like it comes around every 29-30 days or something… Yep, full moon time again. This time we see the penultimate full moon of the year sitting in Gemini- the twins.

The Sign with two brains is both a gift and a curse at the same time. Many Gemini’s are in two minds about everything, though in a different way to Libra’s indecisiveness. Gemini represents the mind, it wants to do, learn and play it all, now. The trouble is sometimes picking a priority first. And that is harder when you are in two minds- as Gemini is.

And now we have the full moon in this mutable air sign. So what does this bring into the equation?

Gemini Full Moon vs Sagittarius Sun
The polarity of this combination is that of  approaching things. They actually have a lot in common, both of these signs like learning and seeking answers. How they get there and how they deal with them are very different. Airy Gemini is a twin (seeking its other twin takes up time, in this dimension or the next) and ruled by Mercury- the messenger. Mercury is in its element in Gemini and often overloads with information! This is what may be going on for you right now- OVERLOAD! Emotional overload. Fear and panic have been drilled into us for the past few weeks and the time is upon us to pierce the veils of deception and distraction

The Full Moon is time to bring things to a head, to finalise and set off for the next task. This time the challenge is completely mental.

The Challenge
So with Sagittarius providing a quest for the truth as the Sun sign, we now use this time, this opportunity to look past all the deceptions being placed upon us now and move on. Not to dangle too long in the quest for the truth and justice (sorry, Sag.)  and just start learning and growing with information (in whatever form) at your disposal. Distractions are abound, so try to move away from them or ignore them. It really does not matter who is right or wrong, it is the way it is- now lets change what needs changing.

If you need help and know who can help you, ask! Get help! no pride to overcome, just ask for help. It might come from an unlikely source.

” If I am put off from my task,
There’s no need to panic or anger fast,
I will get the help, if I ask,
As I clear the undoings of my past.”

Other signs/aspects
Bear in mind some other things that are happening right now…
Mercury is whizzing into Sagittarius and the communicator is learning, adapting and wanting the truth. Go get ’em truthseekers! Mars and Venus are still going through Libra (Mars uncomfortable, as I’ve said before) and the balance between the warrior and Venus is biting at the moment. Mars in Libra is seeking justice- and as we have seen this month there are those that are seeking their forms of justice battling right now. Brutal and ugly, know that this is what it is and keep authentic and true during any testing times.

The things that are going on can result in some more people asking questions about what is really going on right now, why are things the way they are… how do we change them….why is the only thing to survive an attack is somebody’s passport? Yes it might be uncomfortable, but it might lead to more souls activating beyond the third dimension.


To round things off, Jupiter is in Virgo and Saturn is still in Sag (thank goodness) Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces and Pluto is in Capricorn and Uranus is retrograde in Aries.

Annnd the next full moon is on …. December 25th! Prepare to hold on to your Christmas hats… 😀

Injoy, inlight and inlove,



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