Full moon hangover? it will pass!

Astro chart 29 September 2015

Today we might still be feeling the effects of *that* full moon. You know, full ‘Supermoon’ in Aries. Headstrong feelings, affectionate and sensitive Lunar Aries, yep that one.

At the same time mercury is still very much retrograde, it is a time where things can appear to go wrong, communications can go awry- for better of for worse. Notably, Saturn has moved into Sag, but it’s still in the first degree so the influence of Scorpio is still hanging on – intensely and deeply! Mars is also in the beginnings of Virgo- where it is a bit like “what the heck is this?” with Mars (will and power) being in earthly hard-working and sensible Virgo.

The Moon then transitions into Taurus later tonight before Gemini on Thursday evening. This can leave you a little unsettled as Lunar Aries can be a bit of an adrenaline rush and Taurus afterwards can be a bit like coming back down to Earth (grounding).

So, be aware of the egoic battle- to both ends of the spectrum. You are not better than everyone else, you are not worse than everyone else. You are as you were meant to be right now.

Things are changing, energy is always changing, after this past weekend- you might be more aware of it right now. Try to enjoy the ride.

Injoy, inlight and inlove,

Phoenix ☀🌙⭐💗

#AsAboveSoBelow #Astrology


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