Is it time to try Reiki (or come back for more)?

Although we have plenty of summer left, August starts to move on quicker than you think. Blink and it’s gone!
So, it can be a good time to get yourself ready for the Autumn, the change of season. Having worked with some people recently and seen the positive change in them, it made me realise how important self-care is.

You don’t have to cut out everything that was ever fun out of your life. However, rather than taking a pill to get rid of that headache you keep getting, there may be an alternative path to take. Taking a more holistic approach may be a better solution long-term. Remember, most pills are only trying to stop you feeling the pain, not prevent the pain from occurring in the first place. Pain is usually a warning sign from the body that something is not quite right, after all. Modern life asks us to embrace pushing through the pain barrier and ‘just get on with it’- don’t be a wimp and such like. Your body asks you to stop or slow down sometimes, yet we forget to listen.

You don’t have to beat the changing seasons, but why not try to be the change this coming season?
Reiki is one of the many ways you can use to complement a healthier lifestyle and outlook, so why not try some?

Many blessings,

☼♥ Phoenix Amethyst  ♥☼

Ω Phoenix Amethyst Reiki- by Appointment : see how my to book & pay/prices pages for details Ω


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