Welcome to Reiki with Phoenix Amethyst!

I have now split my other blog up into the art and general postings so that this new blog can focus on my Reiki.

I am now practicing Reiki in Bristol (UK), am a member of the UK Reiki Federation and am loving the wonderful, gentle holistic approach that Reiki brings.

I suffered from M.E. for 15 years until getting rid of the illness after receiving Reiki. This amazing new freedom I had to get on with my life has enabled me to fall in love with life again. I stand as a testament to the effectiveness of Reiki as it cured me!

I also wanted to share the wonderful experience of Reiki to others, I have learnt Reiki I and II from the same Reiki Master. If you would like to experience Reiki, please get in touch!

This blog is still in the early stages of being built. please see my other blog for prices, etc.


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